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The basic chi healing method involves several steps. The practitioner scans and feels the subtle energy field and feels for disturbances and differences in the field. There are as many different sensations as there are injuries and maladies. The initial learning process for this must be directed by an experienced teacher who can help the beginner decipher and interpret what they are feeling. Either pull out the blockage and any accumulated stagnant/negative and then replace it with Universal Chi or simply focus Universal Chi to the area. Seal the area so that the chi can flow and the energy field is put back into its natural state once again.

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Topic : Acutouch History

  Category : ACCU TOUCH
Acutouch History Acutouch originated from the ancient healing techniques practiced in East India, Japan, Tibet and of course China and is deeply influenced by the principles of Buddhism. It is believed that every cell in your body is totally aware of how you think and feel. This bio-energy or life force penetrates deep into every organ and on the skin it flows through the capillary network. Acutouch seeks to restore the flow of this life force by removing any blockage. This is done by working on the pressure points in the capillary network. How Does Acutouch Work? Acu-therapy focuses on balancing the body’s energy by gently tapping the finger tips upon key locations in the body. The underlying philosophy of all holistic healing procedures is that there is a natural life force that flows through all the organs in the body. When the flow of this force is thwarted or blocked, an external symptom appears. A disease is then diagnosed. When this flow is restored, the disease gets healed.

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AcuTouch Healing Centre provides Block-QI Treatment, Karma Cleansing Process, Reiki Healing in Puchong and Malaysia.

Acutouch Healing improves the body’s functions and promotes the natural self-healing process by stimulating specific anatomic sites, commonly referred to as acupuncture points, or acupoints.

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